AskTheDoctor24 is an online service which connects people to some of Britain’s best doctors. We believe people want direct access to medical professionals in order to gain a better understanding of their health concerns. With better knowledge we believe people will be empowered to make the right choices and decisions about their health.

The Idea

The team behind AskTheDoctor24 were involved with the formation of www.Netdoctor.co.uk , the most successful UK health information website launched in 2000. Netdoctor was one of the early health portal websites with the specific goal to explain medical conditions in a way that everybody could understand.

The mission for Ask the Doctor 24, however, is to give people the opportunity to ask their questions to some of Britian’s best and most experienced doctors. We believe that people want more than an encyclopedic service, rather a service tailored for them as individuals. Additionally, they want this information direct from a doctor so that it is relevant to their own personal and particular circumstances. We set up AskTheDoctor24 in order to provide just this kind of service.

We cannot treat or diagnose you with this service, nor are we here to replace your healthcare professional, but we can help you understand more about your health and signpost you in the right direction. We hope that the information we give our users enables them to get more out of their appointments with their own healthcare professional and also encourages people how they can help themselves a bit.


It is very important that the standard and quality of our answers remains high. All Doctors have to meet our minimum quality threshold and have been through our application process. All our doctors have at least 5 years experience as a fully qualified and GMC (General Medical Council) registered medical Doctor with a licence to practice. All the named doctors on our network are Consultants or Specialty doctors working within their Specialist field or Generalists with a wealth of experience.

All our doctors live and work in the United Kingdom and have knowledge of both the NHS and the private system. An important part of how we ensure our doctors are giving you the best information is that you give them a rating as to how helpful your answer was.

Management read

The management is a board of senior and experienced doctors and executives.

You Choose

You have the option to choose the most suitable Doctor to help with your particular problem. After you have submitted your question you will have the option to choose a specific Doctor. This is where you will be able to choose from a named Generalist or a senior Consultant.

To help you choose, the doctors are rated according to previously answered questions. You can choose which doctor based on their price, availability, photo and Biography.

It all depends on how much you are willing to pay and how long you are prepared to wait. And, of course, you can still go for the most affordable option, in which case you allow AskTheDoctor24 to choose a doctor for you.

Questions answered within 24 Hours

Most questions will be answered within 24 hours. A particular doctor may have a longer wait time, sometimes a more experienced Doctor will have greater demands on their time, it might be necessary to wait for longer than 24 hours if you really want their opinion. So as to not limit your choice you can still ask these doctors a question and we tell you how long to expect to wait for an answer.

Our Doctors are not merely 'online Doctors'. They are mostly busy and experienced professionals and some will have their own private practices. In order to receive considered and accurate answers, some questions will need more time for a response.


We have tried to keep this service as affordable to you as possible. We wish to give a range of prices according to what you can afford. We believe that this business gives everyone affordable access to some of the UK’s best doctors that you might otherwise not be able to.


We really need your feedback and would be most grateful if you could rate the answers that you receive.

This is VERY important as it helps us to ensure that our doctors are providing the answers people want but also it will help future customers to choose their doctor according to their average star rating.